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  • how to check if you have open port gateway linux

    you can use nmap to test open port gateway see below https://nmap.org/nsedoc/scripts/ip-forwarding.html or you can use nping as follows   # nping –icmp –dest-mac [gateway mac] [target ip] You can find your router’s mac in your local ARP cache: $ arp -v [gateway ip]  

  • Discovery of spy parts leaves French-UAE satellite deal in doubt

    The planned acquisition of two French-built spy satellites by the United Arab Emirates appeared to be in doubt last night, after news that technicians discovered ?security-compromising components? in the satellites? software. 

  • Cyber Defence Exercise Locked Shields 2012 After Action Report

      In March 2012 the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence,  organised, in cooperation with its partners, a technical Blue-Red Team exercise called Locked Shields 2012. The After Action Report has been published Download Report here

  • Polymorphic malware

    In computer terminology, polymorphic code is code that uses a polymorphic engine to mutate while keeping the original algorithm intact. That is, the code changes itself each time it runs, but the function of the code (its semantics) will not change at all. This technique is sometimes used by computer viruses, shellcodes and computer worms to hide their presence.[1]

  • Metamorphic Malware

    Metamorphic code is code that when run outputs a logical equivalent version of its own code under some interpretation. This is similar to a quine, except that the quines source code are exactly equivalent to their own output. Metamorphic code also usually output machine code and not its own source code.

  • How to Spoof (change) your MAC address in Mac OS X

    A MAC address is a unique identifier assigned to your network card, and some networks implement MAC address filtering as a method of security. Spoofing a MAC address can be desired for multiple reasons, and it is very easy to spoof your MAC address in Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, and 10.7. For the […]

  • Western Kentucky University’s Cyber Defence Lab running Windows

    Look close they are running MS Windows in Cyberdefence lab .. Guess how much they really care of defence 🙂  http://www.wku.edu/cdl/News/2008/02192008.html    

  • World Weird Web

    A nice flash presentation.   http://www.fkie.fraunhofer.de/en/research-areas/cyber-defense/world-weird-web-flash.html

  • Orion Incident Response Live CD

    Orion version 0.4 (Squirrel Edition) is officially released. Orion is a Live CD based on Ubuntu (currently 11.04) that provides acquisition, analysis, collaboration, tracking and reporting tools for professional intrusion response teams. http://sourceforge.net/projects/orionlivecd/

  • Elevator pitch about me

    Although you will read about my work in depth in this blog . Here is my elevator pitch for page runners. I started my career in 1997 after diploma in computer science from NCR and moving vertically from BA , MCS (SZABIST) where i was awarded Gold Medal award for achieving 3.9 out of 4 […]