Bundle Tasks in Amazon

Bundle Tasks

A bundle task shows the process of converting a Windows instance into an AMI. Once bundling is complete and you register the AMI, you can launch copies of the instance.

This procedure is not applicable for Linux and UNIX instances or Windows instances that use Amazon EBS volumes as their root devices.

The bundling process does the following:

  • Compresses the image to minimize bandwidth usage and storage requirements
  • Encrypts and signs the compressed image to ensure confidentiality and authenticates the image against its creator
  • Splits the encrypted image into manageable parts for upload
  • Runs sysprep to strip out computer specific information (e.g., the MAC address and computer name) to prepare the Windows image for virtualization
  • Creates a manifest file that contains a list of the image parts with their checksums

View Current Bundle Tasks

  1. Use the sort options to sort the bundle tasks by bundle ID, instance ID, status, when it started, and progress.
  2. Select the bundle task to view.
    Its properties appears in the lower pane.

Register an AMI

To register an AMI

  1. Select an AMI and click Register.
    The Register AMI dialog box appears.
  2. Click Register.
    Amazon EC2 begins registering the AMI and returns an AMI ID that you can use to launch instances of it in the future.

Cancel a Bundle Task

To cancel a bundle task

  1. Select one or more bundle tasks and click Cancel.
    A confirmation dialog box appears.
  2. When prompted, click Yes, Cancel.
    Amazon EC2 begins canceling the bundle task(s).