My Talks and Travels

Note: Being an active member of e-Science community the following travelogue may be long.
My travelogue
No.Country City Conference Month/Year
1Germany Julich Omii-Europe April-2007
2UK Manchester Opengrid Forum May-2007
3Mariehem Sweden ISSGC July-2007
4The Nederland Amsterdam Omii-Europe Nov-2007
5Finland Helsingfors COD training Finland ESPO August-2008
6The Nederland Amsterdam TPM Training November-2008
7UK Oxford SA1 Meeting November-2008
8UK London RSA Security Conference October-2009
9Spain Barcelona EGEE September-2009
10Finland Helsingfors COD-21 June-2009
11Switzerland Zurich Middleware Security group meeting March-2009
12Spain Madrid Security co-ordination Meeting March-2009
13Norway Oslo Atlas Workshop July-2009
14Italy Rome Venus-C technical meeting September-2010
15The Nederland Amsterdam Cloud computing face 2 face meeting September-2010
16Germany Düsseldorf Venus-C technical meeting July-2010
17Belgium Brussels Venus-C kick-off June-2010
18Norway Bergen Teaching cloud computing workshop May-2010
19Sweden Uppsala EGEE User forum April-2010
20Spain Barcelona Face 2 Face venus-c meeting November-2011
21Greece MYTILINI Face 2 Face venus-c meeting September-2011
22Italy Rome Venus-c face to face meeting June-2011
23Sweden Ljusdal Swedish sys-admin meeting May-2011
24Norway Oslo Teaching Cloud workshop May-2011
25Sweden Örebro Swedish e-Science research council meeting May-2011
26Spain Valencia Venus-c face to face meeting March-2011
27Belgium Brussels OpenNebula workshop January-2011
28Stockholm Sweden e-Science conference December-2011
29Germany Munich Demo for cloud in EGI community forum March-2012
30Sweden Karlstad Privacy enhancing technology December-2012
31The Nederland Amsterdam EGI Cloud Face to Face meeting November-2012
32Sweden Götenburg Teaching cloud workshop at Chalmers University October-2012
33Czech-Republic Prague EGI community forum September-2012
34Sweden Karlstad Privacy enhancing technology October-2012
35Estonia Tallin IT Security training June-2012
36Sweden Skovde IT Security PhD Meeting May-2012
37The Nederland Amsterdam Open grid forum June-2012
38Sweden Linköping Swedish sys-admin meeting May-2012
39Sweden Lidingö e-Science meeting April-2012
40Sweden Umea OoD/RoD training May-2012
41Italy Rome Venus-C Face to Face meeting Feburary-2012
42Sweden Götenburg Privacy enhancing technology January-2013
43Sweden Linköping Forensic workshop February-2013
44Belgium Brussels My Talk in FOSDEM February-2013
45Czech Republic Prague Security CERT Training March-2013
46Sweden Linköping SeRC meeting April-2013
47UK Manchester EGI community Forum April-2013
48Sweden Uppsala Galaxy meeting June-2013
49Norway Oslo Galaxy Community Conference June-2013
50Spain Madrid Talk in EGI Technical forum September-2013