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  • Huge privacy flaw in VPN systems

    Since the slow introduction of internet monitoring systems around the world began, more and more people have attempted to preserve their privacy by signing up for VPN services like the Pirate Bay’s Ipredator and Pirate Party offering Relakks. But it turns out that there’s a gaping security flaw in these services that allows individual users […]

  • Cluster Computing and MapReduce Lecture 2

  • Cloud security for e-healthcare

    Cloud security model for e-Healthcare applications is a necessary factor for users in terms of privacy and for cloud service providers for legal purposes due to HIPAA. Cloud Security (CS) is a very wide topic which has many shades. In this article I will discuss the often neglected part that is Forensic. By Definition “Forensic deals with Preservation, Acquisition […]

  • Google: Cluster Computing and MapReduce

    This submission contains video lectures and related course materials from a series of lectures that was taught to Google software engineering interns during the Summer of 2007. See here .

  • Forensic challenges for Law enforcement in Cloud computing

    With the adaption of Cloud computing (CC) specially in Governmental and Commercial sectors raised great concerns about security . On average the lack of trust on privacy and security in CC is one of showstopper  to its widespread usage. One aspect of security which lacks further consideration in CC is Forensic. Mostly Forensic is used […]

  • Writing a Research Paper

    A very nice resource

  • Fixed: HIGH Vulnerability in C library dynamic linker (CVE-2010-3847)

    patches fixing the recently-discussed vulnerability CVE-2010-3847 have finally been released for RHEL5 and its derivatites (SL5, SLC5, CentOS5). Please update all your vulnerable machines as soon as possible, especially those with user access (compute nodes, UIs, etc.). References: * RHEL5: * SL5: * SLC5: * CentOS5:

  • Securing, Monitoring Virtualization environments

    Yes we need to fully use the hardware, one way is to divide into pieaces and eat them all . That is what means Virtualization. In start you had one host machine , which means you have take care of their updates, logs, services etc. But if you launch 10 more Virtual machines on it […]

  • The main concerns in Cloud computing is Security

    Data taken from interview end users , how and if they want to use cloud computing as a storage . or Lets say in plain words “Storage as a Service”, Their main concern is Security issue. The decision point is the data-value which one wants to put on cloud . /Zee

  • NT Security Toolbox [download id=”1″ format=”1″ wrap=”ul” autop=”false”]