How to search for keyword from all files and delete the line

find . -type f -print0 | xargs -0 sed -i /KeyWord/d


Docear unable to start on Mac

Mac OS X 10.9.x requires all software to be signed. Docear is not signed yet, but there is help. Please find official informationhere or read:

  • When you have never used Docear before you can start it by switching in your system preferences -> security -> allow apps from anywhere. You can also right-click the app, open it and select that you want to execute it although it is not signed.
  • When you have already used Docear and upgrade to a newer version of Docear, OS X 10.9.x fails to verify the Docear app and reports that it was tampered.

To solve this issue you need to open a terminal shell and execute the following commands::

sudo spctl --list | grep Docear

This will return a line with an ID and some additional information like this: 3529[UNLABELED] P0 allow execute [/Applications/]

Then you need to remove it.

 sudo spctl --remove --rule 3529

# e.g. with an id of 3529. It may be different for you.

Next you have to tell the system to put back in quarantine to test if the signature is valid again and we can use the right click method again.

 xattr -rd /Applications/

# your app location can be different.

Now the application will open when you right-click it and press OPEN.

Discovery of spy parts leaves French-UAE satellite deal in doubt

The planned acquisition of two French-built spy satellites by
the United Arab Emirates appeared to be in doubt last night, after
news that technicians discovered ?security-compromising components?
in the satellites? software. 

Linux Software on Mac

 Beside Compiling from source one option for installing linux software on Mac is to use a system which packages Unix software for Mac OS X. The two discussed here are Fink and MacPorts. See the respective projects’ web sites for how to install the package managers.

Elevator pitch about me

Although you will read about my work in depth in this blog . Here is my elevator pitch for page runners.

I started my career in 1997 after diploma in computer science from NCR and moving vertically from BA , MCS (SZABIST) where i was awarded Gold Medal award for achieving 3.9 out of 4 GPA and gaining scholarships in rows.  Running IT Company since 1997 and moved to Sweden for higher education . From KTH I completed MS information security , registered a Swedish IT Company with MS Entreprenuership .

Currently working as System administrator with PDC-Centre for High Performance Computing, Stockholm and Collaborated with several EU projects OMII-Europe, EGEE II, EGEE III,  EGI, VENUS-C, NEON, SNIC Cloud are names of few.

Beside CEO and Sys-Admin i am transiting for  PHD . Love to read Quran and to visit Mecca and Medina.

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