What is OVF (Open Virtualization Format)

Hi , Back to coding ūüôā¬† If you are Amateur Sys-Admin like me you cannot just rely on running scripts and playing with network. You would love to write your own peice of code for solving the problem in an efficient way and the way you want it to be.

Same happening to me now , while running PDC Cloud based on OpenNebula I have to write an OVF wrapper for clients.

But First

What is OVF?

With the rapid adoption of virtualization, there is a great need for a standard way to package and distribute virtual machines. VMware and other leaders in the virtualization field have created the Open Virtualization Format (OVF), a platform independent, efficient, extensible, and open packaging and distribution format for virtual machines.

The OVF format,  provides a complete specification of the virtual machine. This includes the full list of required virtual disks plus the required virtual hardware configuration, including CPU, memory, networking, and storage. An administrator can quickly provision this virtual machine into virtual infrastructure with little or no manual intervention. In addition, the OVF is a standards-based, portable format that allows the user to deploy this virtual machine in any hypervisor that supports OVF.

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