SMB Sharing on Internet for MSHPC and Matlab

When Integrate Matlab parallel computing toolbox with HPC Schedular configuration , it needs a property “DataLocation” which has to be a shared folder between client desktop running Matlab and MSHPC schedular and compute nodes.

In windows sharing between Headnode and compute nodes is enabled with SMB Sharing and as this sharing is on Application network or on Private Netwok , the security concern is not so much , but in the case of Matlab this raise an issue . i.e.. Usually if you run SMB either on TCP or on Netbios for bothe ports 135 and port 445 is blocked by major ISPs.

The reason for this block as ISPs mentioned is “security concern”.

Solution: I have been in contact with Matlab support and they recommend us to Use VPN.  But it is again increase the complexity from Users side.