Real challenge for cloud and big data

The real challenge for cloud and big data is not technical rather educating old sys-admins to upgrade their habits-

Let me narrate you a real story , back in 2009 when I rolled in first cloud , i have been asked ” We cannot give keys of our data centres to X users , I asked why you need that ? , got this shocking reply — well if users don’t have physical access to computers how would they self-provision them ? ” — I smiled and replied well this is where webservices comes in .

If you are also a devops or cloud sysadmin like me surrounding with other Old , typical sys-admins you probably hearing arguments like above and facing hurdles in setting up cloud –

Basically old sys-admins have fear if users can do 80% of what sys-admin controlling , they would probably loose their jobs- they forgot to realise that sysadmin can sharpen their saws for even better challenges but for doing this they have to break their old habits. which is very hard for them …

Disclaimer:  This is my own thoughts and does not reflect any opinions of my employer or else.