Building Grid application on cloud

Hi ,

How we can enable the grid application or any other batch schedular application on cloud.

For the batch processing the basic scenarios is very simple but in two ways,

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Xen based on LVM is more faster than img based

Hi , it is said that LVM based xen gues are must faster than image based . Faste in the sense of I/O operation. Another benefit for use of LVM is to expand the size of Guest domains if needed.

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Availability Zone and Region

Quite sometime i was trying to understand the concept of Availability Zone and Regions.

Finally got this answer from Amazon .

Changing security setting on runtime in EC2

Yes it is allowed to change setting in a group which is attached to a running instance of EC2.

Imagine in comissioning you allowed only 80 and 22 port to an instance , later you decided to open 443 also . You dont have to reboot/reinstall EC2 instance neither need to restart any service on Instance .

Security as Buzzword in Cloud


Secure—Amazon EC2 provides numerous mechanisms for securing your compute resources.


Amazon EC2 includes web service interfaces to configure firewall settings that control network access to and between groups of instances.

When launching Amazon EC2 resources within Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC), you can isolate your compute instances by specifying the IP range you wish to use, and connect to your existing IT infrastructure using industry-standard encrypted IPsec VPN.

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Utility Computing with Amazon

Utility hmm the term we have already heared many times but out-side computer domain. for example: utility bills 🙂 for Electricity, Gas, Water and Air (Thanks God Air is still free for our lungs ).

Elastic IP

The buzz word “Elastic” is the key player in cloud computing . The technique which amazon has adopted is termed as “Elastic IP” .

Imagine a scenario that you are running an EC2 instance with non-elastic IP (dont confuse that your EC2 instnace has dynamic ip and every time if you restart OS in EC2 it gets new IP, that is absolutely wrong !!) as EC2 do get the Fix IP

The only difference between the FIX-IP and Elasitc-IP is that Fix IP terminate when you terminate the Ec2 instance and if you start new fresh instance you get new IP .

windown on amazon cloud

Hi , I just did a quick test on EC2 instance with Windows 2003 . It was very easy ,  i used amazon supplied image i.e. AMI. After right click on instance through Amazon management i can connect the terminal window as seen below. Which password ? .. Hmm good question . Right click on… Continue reading windown on amazon cloud

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