Is it possible ?

Yes, it is possible to be a technial geek and  CEO at same time. I started my first venture in 1997 during second semester of computer diploma . Later on during BA and MCS , i grew it into an IT company.

This entreprenuer virus came with me in Sweden and during MS studies I was CEO of Swedish registered IT services company. It was 2006 when i started to study Entreprenuership from Stockholm School of Entreprenuership ( . The reason is that i faced challenges in running an international company like How to negotiate? How to make product more viable for users? and furthermore How to progress products from Ideation, Planning to Execution and Growth.

After MS Information security , i studied MS ICT Entrepreneurship from KTH which gave me an edge to combine Technical, Creative and Business sides of brain.

Until than (2006), Alamdullilah I am running a Swedish IT Firm in parallel of doing PHD and working as Cloud System Administrator @ KTH.

Below are my ventures in descending chronological order:

  1. Defence8 (high end security, privacy product firm) 2011 (ideation phase)
  2. VigilTek Sweden 2006 (active)
  3. EnsuRisk Pakistan 2006 (active)
  4. CrystalClick 2002
  5. SMS Enterprises 1997