Intense Cloud workshop (Quick take-off) : a Draft

Conducting workshop around the world is one way to accomplish this objective.   Below is the living draft for an ” Intense Cloud workshop (Quick take-off) ” . If you want to train your community feel free to drop an email contact (at) and we will allocate suitable time  for it. I mostly prefare on-site trainings   for in-depth teaching.

Public Cloud Arena :

Cloud Computing Foundation

  • Introduction to cloud computing.
  • Cloud Computing  and Innovative Companies
  • Cloud Computing for Emerging Countries
  • Cloud Security

Hands-on Amazon Public Cloud:

  • Review of Amazon AWS Products
  • Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon Elastic MapReduce
  • Amazon Cloud Front
  • Amazon Cloud Watch
  • Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS)
  • Amazon Simple Queue and Notification Service (SQS, SNS)

Hands-on Platform as a Service (PaaS)  – with Most Popular Azure and Beanstalk

  • Microsoft Azure  (Most Popular)
  • Amazon Beanstalk (Most Popular)
  • AppHarbor
  • Google AppEngine

Attendees must bring their own laptop, preferably Linux or OS X based and with wireless connectivity.

Private Cloud Arena :

Building Private Cloud with Eucalyptus :

  • Private Cloud Architecture
  • Review of existing Middlewares for Private Clouds
  • Installation and Configuration of EUCALYPTUS Testing

Building Private Cloud with OpenNebula:

  • Installation and Configuration of base Open Nebula
  • Enabling EC2 interface
  • Connecting with Amazon to form a Hybrid Cloud
  • Advanced topic and customization
Atleast 4 Computers with Switch and Network  are required.