Cloud Computing from inside-out :: Course outline draft

Assalmo Alaikum (Peace be on you ) .

Cloud computing is transitioning from industry buzzword to business-critical solution; recent technology forecasts name the migration to cloud as the biggest trend of 2011, with Gartner anticipating that the spending on cloud computing applications will reach $150 billion by 2013.

To date, the perceived business opportunity associated with cloud has driven start-up and established technology and services providers to make bets and stake out territory throughout the emerging cloud landscape based on conjectures about how the space might evolve. As customers begin to make substantial investments in cloud, it becomes critical for researchers, system administrators to know cloud computing in-depth

We are presenting below the draft course outline for Cloud Computing course , Feel free to comment if something is missing and should be included .

Where :  I am planning to give the first course in KTH-Sweden and Later in Pakistan (depends which PK-University collaborate in it)

Duration: 1-2 weeks ,  5-7.5 Credits

  • Theory and Foundation
  • Practical:
    • Amazon EC2
    • Amazon S3
    • Amazon Mapreduce
    • Amazon Route 53
    • AmazonCloud Front
    • Amazon Cloud Formation
    • Amazon SQS, SES, SNS (for Messaging)
    • Amazon Load balancing
    • Amazon Beanstalk
  • Labs:
    • Eucalyptus Private Cloud OR OpenNebula (any one prefare)

Feel Free comment if something is missing.