A Silent Evening of 2041

It was a quite evening , i took the sip of tea and placed the cup on table  .   Opened the laptop with shaking hands and looked around. 
Although I was alone with the silence, but old memories, hopes and broken plans do not leave me alone.  

This time i gathered my full energy and tried to stand from the wheel chair , a small shock strucked near my heart and a notice a beep in pacemaker . I finally stood up and went into gallery to get some fresh air . Like usual it was also silent outside , people around me were in deep sleep and i was the only stranded soul at midnight.

I asked my self, Zeeshan you used to sleep quit fast and long ! What makes you stranded at 2 AM ?  
My innerself  replied :It is because “In young age , days are short but years are long  , whereas in Old age, days are long but years are short “ .

I gaze on the bundle of books which i have been planning to read for last few decades but now even with enough time i did not have strength  to read.  

I came back to my laptop , opened the notepad and started to write Todos to improve in hereafter. While brainstorming i looked the computer date it was 14th Sept 2041 . I looked on the roof and tried to recall my memories , a silent breeze of sigh came out  and took me thirty years back, when I was writing the same Todos.

Todos were the same , the only difference is that i had a real heart instead of pacemaker ,was busy in family and had energy to stand quickly and firmly .