New open source medical image repository debuts

A team of medical researchers from four European institutions has created the Image Data Resource, a repository “that is capable of storing and integrating data from multiple laboratories, whilst also significantly enhancing the potential for sharing and reusing imaging data.”

The repository “offers potential to identify new therapies and targets, and broadens the scope of research by allowing scientists around the world to access each other’s imaging datasets,” the team writes in a recently published paper. The software underpinning the repository is open source, which “opens the possibility of the tech being deployed in other image data systems.”

Get MD5 checksum hash of big files in Python

def checkHash(filename, blocksize=2**20):


        print(“need to creating hash of file ” +filename)

        m = hashlib.md5()

        with open(filename , “rb” ) as f:

            while True:

                buf =

                if not buf:


                m.update( buf )


        print(“hash of above file is  ” + hash1)

        return hash1

    except :

        print(“Exception in hash code:”)

        print(“-” * 60)


        print(“-” * 60)

        return “error”

mysql python 3 mac

  548  pip install –egg‌​nnector-python-2.1.4‌​.zip

  549  pwd

  550  python 

  551  pip list

  552  pip install mysql-connector-python-rf

  553  python 

  554  pip install MySQL-python

  555  pip install mysql-python

  556  brew install mysql-connector-c 

  557  pip install mysql-python

  558  pip install MySQL-python

  559  pip install MySQL-python

  560  export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/mysql/bin/

  561  pip install MySQL-python

  562  pip install MySQL-python

  563  pip install pymysql

  564  python 

  565  python 

  566  pip install MySQL-python

  567  pip3 install mysql-connect-python

  568  pip3 install

  569  pip install mysqlclient